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Uncle Mark is becoming world famous for our insistence on using sprouted brown rice. Studies show this rice is much easier for toddlers to digest. Why give your baby hard to metabolize regular brown rice when sprouted brown rice is so much better for their system? Your child feels better, gets healthier nutrition, and is completely safe from the harsh chemicals and additives you might find in other toddler and baby foods.

At Uncle Mark, we only use the finest, wholesome ingredients. Plus, sprouted brown rice just tastes better! No wonder young children everywhere love it when our baby foods are served. Even picky babies eat better, grow more normally, and get the important nutrition they need when served Uncle Mark.

Why do we care so much?

Let me personally speak to that. I'm Mark, the owner of Uncle Mark. I've been involved in quality cereal manufacturing for more than a decade here in Thailand. I've mostly worked with rice and other wholegrains.

That made me qualified to find a better baby food alternative for parents who care deeply about what their child eats. I can identify with that need. I am a parent and only want to produce foods that I would be happy for my own child to consume.

Soon after having our child, I realized most of the other toddler snacks on the market are filled with processed ingredients. They're full of modified starches and chemical flavor enhancers. They are packed with salt and sugar. No parent who fully understands these foods would allow their children to eat them!

Our little ones deserve better. So I set out to make toddler snacks and baby foods that are truly wholesome, safe, and healthy for small children. There is no question our toddlers deserve healthy snacks that help them grow to become healthy teenagers and adults with better eating habits.

I soon decided to launch my own brand of toddler snacks and baby cereals. The main concept is using simple and wholesome ingredients. We easily achieve the respected “clean label” requirements. Our recipes and manufacturing are done just right to exacting standards. No wonder Uncle Mark products taste so good while being free of bad chemicals and harmful additives.

Treat your precious little ones to our toddler snacks and baby meals. Feeding time is when bonding takes place. We are proud to be a part of this experience as you give your baby the very best!



Every pack of Uncle Mark’s products is made in our own food facility where rigorous quality assurance protocols are strictly followed.




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